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Since 2005, the CAGcast has been a pretty silly podcast about video games and the topics that affect gamers. Hosts CheapyD, Wombat, and Shipwreck talk industry news, review games, supply game shopping tips and generally share too much of their personal lives. Giving new meaning to “Talk is Cheap”, the CAGcast is the official Podcast of the video game shopping community,

Cheapy and Ship talk DLC news as spoilers, Hasbro Cinematic Universe, the Kojima Sony deal, Star Wars plans, PlayStation VR predictions and so much more!

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The gang talks November NPDs, PSX, Nintendo, The Video Game Awards, and all the hot Hanukkah hubbub you can handle.

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The gang wraps up Black Friday, talks Just Cause 3, holiday PS4 bundles, the Game Awards, and a lot of other stuff that is not Wombat's sex life.

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The gang talks Thanksgiving, Fallout 4,  Jessica Jones, Black Friday, Dead or Alive 3 Extreme controversy, Lara Croft's impalements, stupid smart house tricks and so much more!

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The gang talks Kotaku blacklistings, The Lost Arcade film,  Fallout 4, Toys to Life floundering, comics, and oh so much more!

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The gang talks Rise of the Tomb Raider,  Fallout 4, Black Ops III, October NPDs, Nintendo Direct, Star Wars Battlefront reviews and Early Access and cards....everything with the cards now.

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The gang talks Halo 5 Warzone, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Activision's King acquisition, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Superbeat: Xonic, and so much more!

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The gang talks Nintendo's weird mobile announcements, Sony's weird Paris press conference, and Microsoft's weird new dashboard.  Also, Halo 5, Xbox One Elite controller, and holiday sales predictions!

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The gang talks Halo 5 and Star Wars hype, Destiny's story swap, Nintendo NX rumors and so much more!  Also, someone got hit in the face with a ball!  Hilarious!

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The gang renames Halo 5: Guardians, Wombat has the worst Assassin’s Creed idea ever, and Shipwreck’s home theater is stuck between a rock and a Hard Fist.  Also, more Transformers: Devastation and Star Wars Battlefront talk.

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The gang talks Transformers: Devastation, Star Wars Battlefront Beta, Rock Band 4, console price drops and bundlemania, and so much more!

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The gang talks about LEGO Dimensions and the toys to life genre’s sustainability, the horror of Tony Hawk 5, a little bit of Destiny, and absolutely no Pitch Perfect 2.  Also, hear what must be the world's least sexy pick-up story!

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Get ready for hot light bulb and cool Virtual Reality talk! Also, coffee apps, Skylanders: SuperChargers, Party Hard, Rainbow Six: Siege, Xbox Elite Console, iOS 9, Watch 2.0, Forza 6, and probably more!

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The gang discusses pornography, light bulbs,  Super Mario Maker, GameStop's new console bundle policy, Target's exit from the Vita business, pornography, and light bulbs.

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The gang talks Metal Gear Solid V, Destiny 2.0, Disney Infinity 3.0, NPDs, NHL 16, Apple news, and oh so much more!

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Money, money, money! Who do you trust? The gang talks Metal Gear Solid V, Disney Infinity 3.0, Forza Motorsport 6, Deus Ex pre-order scheme, Machinima, and so much more!

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We’ve used the latest technology to remove Wombat from this episode, in which we talk about Gears of War Ultimate, YouTube Gaming and oh so much more!

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The gang talks NY CAGcast meetup, Toy Soldiers: War Chest, Pacman 256, Fig, and so much more!

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The gang talks Time VR cover, Galak-Z, Pixels, It Follows, Gamescom news, and so much more!

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The gang talks Ant-Man, NPDs, Guitar Hero Live, Nintendo, Disney Infinity 3.0, and much more!

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The gang talks Rocket League, Xbox backwards compatability, Batman Arkham Knight, and so much more!

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The gang talks Batman Arkham Knight, Shipwreck's super basement, Xbox 360 red ring, and so much more!

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The crew talks E3 2015, Batman Arkham Knight, Destiny and Shenmue 3 controversies and so much more!  Stay tuned after the show for E3 Audiobooms.

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The last show before E3 2015, the guys talk Oculus Rift, a return to Destiny, E3, and so much more!

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The guys talk Fallout 4, E3 2015, Skylanders SuperChargers, LEGO Dimensions, Massive Chalice, and so much more!

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The guys talk about what to expect at E3, the state of amiibo, and why it is so hard to go to Toys R Us.

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Everyone talks Witcher 3, Wombat has a better idea for the Nintendo World Championships, and CheapyD wants to talk about his PC, but nobody cares.  Also, Shipwreck reveals he does indeed grow facial hair.

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The gang talks Konami, TV and movie comic nerdery, Nintendo E3 news and a slew of other nonsense.

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The crew discuss the upcoming Batman game & DLC, Apple Watch, Konami, paid Steam mods, Daredevil and so much more!

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The gang discusses the latest Star Wars game and movie trailers, lost iPhones, GameStop's retro gaming initiative, and probably more!

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The gang talks Mortal Kombat X, Guitar Hero Live, GTA V PC, and so much more!

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Wombat explains about how he blew a chance to be a superhero, Shipwreck guarantees a future game will be good, and Cheapy plays Bloodborne and Heroes of the Storm.  Also, we discuss Lego Dimensions and trips to exotic locales.

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The gang talks remasters, Bloodborn, Elite: Dangerous and VR, Shipwreck's nerd cave and so much more!

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The crew hits 400 episodes and reminisce, talk Battlefield Hardline, Nintendo going mobile, light up keyboards, and oh so much more!

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The crew talk Apple, NPDs, new releases, Adr1ft, DLC, and oh so much more!

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The gang discusses the latest GDC news, including an uphill battle for Project Morpheus (and VR in general) and Nvidia Shield.  Also learn why Kinect is hated by parents worldwide.

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The gang discuss The Order: 1886, Evolve, Hand of Fate, arctic amibo hunting, the importance of exclusives (and lights in your PC), and so much more!

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The gang talks Evolve DLC, 4K gaming, Amiibo shortages, Molyneux follies, and so much more!

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Ship is AWOL but Cheapy and Wombat talk Joystiq closing, Darkest Dungeon, Apotheon, PS4 Wifi issues, Activision, Early Access, and so much more!

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The guys talk Dying Light, HoloLens, Black Guards 2, Joystiq rumors and lots of other bad news.

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The gang talks Evolve’s monetization plans, new New 3DS news, Wombat’s Hot Wheels sickness and so much more!

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The gang discusses their favorite games and biggest disappointments of 2014, the end of the Xbox One price cut, 4K TVs, NES Ultimate Remix, and so much more!

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